Louise, Australia

My husband and I studied with Janet for 3 weeks in July 2017.

As beginner/intermediate students aiming to improve our conversational French and immerse ourselves in the French lifestyle, we found Janet to be the ideal teacher and guide.

Able to speak fluent English, but only when necessary, Janet is an extremely well qualified language teacher. She utilised a wide range of teaching tools which significantly contributed to the enjoyment of our lessons and outings.

With her husband Daniel (chef extraordinaire) they live in a beautiful part of SW rural France, between Toulouse and Biarritz, and a 10 minute walk from the local village.

We could not have wished for a more enjoyable and beneficial experience and would not hesitate to recommend it to those wishing to improve their language skills.

Louise Morris

+61 413 050 761

Alba, Spain

In 2013 I went to France to improve my French for two weeks and again in 2014 for three weeks. I had lessons in the morning and then in the afternoon we visited places or I stayed with Janet or helped Daniel in the kitchen. I must say the food is fantastic. The experience was very good as I was always doing something, the surroundings are very good and I even got to see a deer. The third time I went was in June 2017 to prepare the B2 Delf exam which I passed successfully. All in all my experiences were very good as I learned a lot and my French improved massively. Alba

Bernard, Australia

Attending Maison Broustiquet with Janet and Daniel in July 2017 was my second foray into language lessons in France. (the earlier one was in a classroom with about 12 others so there was little individual attention.)

Janet was most welcoming and tailored our 3 weeks to meet our objective of improved conversational French. Her request “seulement en francais, s’il te plait” was a little daunting at first but soon we eased into the discipline of attempting to speak only French. (Janet would sometimes break her own rule, and use fluent English to overcome a ‘roadblock’ so we could quickly understand and continue the lesson.)

In a class of 2 (my wife being the other) we had individual attention for our 3 hour lessons each morning. Janet used a variety of teaching tools to keep us interested, engaged and amused. She is clearly a very experienced, capable and diligent language teacher. She is very patient, warm and supportive. Each day we had up to an hour of homework that reinforced the morning lesson.

Janet and her husband Daniel (an extraordinary cook) took us on outings to see local sights and towns and places of interest. Cleverly, Janet would weave our experiences during these outings to exercises in the next day’s lesson.

We stayed in their gite and ate our meals with them. We were treated to insights into the local lifestyle and enjoyed wonderful meals from Daniel’s kitchen. At no time were they overbearing and we could opt in or opt out of their company depending on how much more or less our brains could absorb for the day!

We were very pleased that the classroom exercises translated so well that, at the end of our stay, we were able to chat with the locals at a ceremony for Juillet 14th. (ok, they may have been speaking a bit more slowly and clearly for us, but we were certainly chatting comfortably.)

I am very happy to recommend such a diligent, supportive professional teacher as Janet to anyone looking to lift their capability with the French language. Including accommodation with the lessons improved our conversational ability quickly and Janet and Daniel are the most considerate and charming of hosts.

Bernard Morris, Australia

+61 411 709 042



Louise et Bernard MORRIS, Australia

Alba, Spain